Who we are...

A team of dedicated volunteers, that respond & support our community.

Part of the Hereford & Worcester Community First Responder Charity, our scheme in Ross-on-Wye has an operational area that stretches far from the town and out into the surrounding countryside parishes.

Three roles are available within our team, and all work together keeping our charity helping others.

Community First Responder

Trained by West Midlands Ambulance Service to respond to emergency incidents, as volunteers, helping those most at need. 

This part of the team dedicate hours on call in their personal and work lives, to respond in one of our 2 response vehicles when an emergency is nearby. 

Not only do these members respond to emergencies, they also help with all other aspects of our charity.

Fundraising, community education & first aid cover for events are just a few aspects... 


A role that allows people to become part of our team, without having the duties of a CFR. 

These hard working members assist with community awareness training, fundraising & are part of our medical team that attends various events. 


Our small team of fundraisers attend events where we are providing public awareness and they assist us in providing information about our charity and helping gather donations.

Where we started...

The scheme within Ross-on-Wye started as the Community First Responder role came into existence. Founded by 3 volunteers, the team started small and only grew from there. A difficult start to the group as we were not well know and it was a new concept for the community to understand. Over the years, the support we recieve has become much bigger and we feel and integral part of our commumity. 

The team consists of volunteers in a few different roles currently, all spread out across the wider Ross-on-Wye area. Committed and passionate, the team regularly engage with the community, and support a wide range of area from CPR training, support for CPAD sites and first aid cover...


Fundraising occurs all across the charity, and funds that are raised by each scheme are held for that area specifically. 

10% from a donation goes into the charity central fund, to provide support to all schemes across the charity. 

We rely on donations to continue our work within the community, 

and thank you for all the support you give us.